6 Low Calorie Snack Options

Fruits and Veggies
If you’re anything like me, it’s super hard not to snack between meals and even *whisper* late at night. I know what you’re thinking–late night snacking is a huge no-no, especially when you are trying to lose weight. But bare with me, because I have compiled an appetizing list of low calorie foods that are great to satisfy any craving when you absolutely
need to snack!

The best advice I can offer you is to always have a healthy snack readily available. If the only thing you have in your cabinets is swiss rolls and cheetos, that's most likely what you will grab when you're hungry.  Of course, we all break down and want something down right bad for us occasionally. Well, I have a solution! Instead of chips and cookies, keep foods like ice cream or a small brownie mix around. I know what you're thinking; how are these any better for you? In all honesty, they aren't better for you, but I know when I want a snack, I'm also feeling a little lazy. So, preparing a bowl of ice cream sounds like a lot more work then eating a banana or some whole-grain crackers.

I promise, if you keep any or all of these healthy snacks in your cabinets, you'll definitely feel a lot healthier yourself!

My favorite go-to snack is raw veggies. A lot of people like different vegetables, but I prefer carrots and broccoli with light ranch. Mmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it. Although this is loads better than junk food, you still need to focus on not over-eating. Eating too much of anything can be bad for you! The established "serving size" for raw veggies is about one cup.

Another awesome and quick snack is whole-grain crackers or (even better!) sesame sticks. It's kind of like having a few chips, but it's way healthier! I know a lot of you probably haven't tried sesame sticks, but I definitely suggest picking up a bag. They may taste a little bland at first, but after four or five you're completely addicted. I know I buy mine at Walgreens, but they are more common than you think, so I would just check at a local grocery store!

And of course, how could we forget about some sweet, delicious fruit?! This is a healthy snack that can turn unhealthy really quick if you aren't careful. Most dips sold for fruits are really high in calories, so make sure to check that before you buy any! If you like apples, I recommend investing in an apple slicer! It's a much easier snack when you can cut it all with one slice! Now, the reason fruit can be tricky is because some people don't understand which fruits are healthy and which can be a little fattening. Check out this blog by Canadian Living.

Now, if you're someone (like me) who needs a little chocolate or any sweets every now and then, trail mix is a perfect balance between that naughty craving and a healthy snack! If you're savvy with your money, you can buy M&M's, unsalted nuts, dates or raisins, and anything else you like to put in your trail mix and make it yourself! For me, I don't have the self control to be in full possession of a bag of M&M's, so I buy it pre-made! ;)

Granola bars or 100 calorie snacks are perfect for on-the-go snacks! When you're in a rush to leave, odds are, at some point, you'll stop at a gas station or fast food place to grab a quick bite to eat. If you have these in the house, they are so easy to take with you. And, if you get the right kind, they are healthy and delicious! I like the 100 calorie oreo snacks and Fiber One granola bars!

If you don't mind doing a little prep work, and are wanting a snack that's a little more filling, there are options for you! Whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and maybe some sliced banana is so yummy and quite filling! You could also make some oatmeal or chop up some fresh fruit and put it in some low-fat yogurt. A small salad (fruit or veggie) could be a very filling snack, especially if you add just the tiniest amount of bacon bits, mmm!

There are tons of low calorie snack options available for everyone, no matter what you like. If you have any suggestions and would like to share what low calorie snacks you eat, please comment below!


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